Chris Wojcik, Matt Farnan, Matt Kahn, and Bill Jenkins are four individuals who together seek honesty through music.  Together their music plays like a conversation between four old friends.  To ask any member of Kingsnake why they play, they will in turn respond as if you have asked them, “why do you breath.” 

Kingsnake was formed ten years ago out of a previous project that had run it’s course.  With a new found wisdom and desire to explore different sounds and approaches to their music these four individuals  were reborn with Matt Farnan on drums, Matt Kahn on bass guitar, Chris Wojcik on lead guitar, and Bill Jenkins on rhythm guitar and vocals.  This new approach drew on influences from 70’s rock and roll as well as early Blues musicians by utilizing a blend of Howlin Wolf, Captain Beyond, Black Sabbath, Robin Trower,  and John Lee Hooker.  These influences were captured on Kingsnake’s LP titled “Book of Promised” which was released in 2010.


With a click of the sticks it is evident when this band begins to play that the stage and the audience, belong to them.  Kingsnake has shared the stage with great bands such as: Clutch, Fu Manchu, The Bakerton Group, The Sword, Kyng, Monstro, Lionize, Atomic Bitchwax, Crobot, Vista Chino and Scorpion Child!


If you were to ask the members of the plans for the future, the response would be simple, “play music until we can’t play anymore, then listen to the records and remember the great times we had.”